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Childish Gambino at the Masquerade Music Park in Atlanta, Ga. on April 3, 2014
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Le Cô✝é Noir
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Gambino // Deep Web
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It’s really crazy how I started putting in effort into how I dressed in grade 7 or 8 so girls would notice me like to compensate for being an average looking guy who was a little overweight with no talent and was just really average so I started matching my clothes and stuff and that progressed to the point where all my money goes towards clothes but like the way I dress is way more then to stand out its literally like a part of me and not in a materialistic way its just I see clothes as art and really I’m to a point where I dress for no one but myself and I only realized this when I figured out I Dress way to weird for girls my age and that no amount of clothes will make me attractive but the right pieces can boost my confidence and well thats pretty dope